This site is a blog dedicated to the art and adventures of Cade McKinney!

snakes ‘n beads ‘n other wiggly things !!

excited to start on our mini modules projects in class, I decided to make beads, and string them all together to resemble snakes native to Indiana! my favorite is the ringneck.

post for 10/12/2020

Just some progress on a current and future project! The current project is a set of ceramic fishing lures! The clay is a mix of porcelain and stoneware, and the metal bits are repurposed kiln coiling! The future project that I’ve started is a collection of beads that will end up making a picture orContinue reading “post for 10/12/2020”

What’s up?

Hi, my name’s Cade! I’m currently a student at Indiana University, majoring in Fine Arts, ceramic specifically. I have a thing for monsters, ghouls, and anything with a lot of teeth. I love to create things that puzzle and disturb people. I’m here to document my progress through my semester in my ceramics 2 classContinue reading “What’s up?”

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